La Seggianese

Tuscany | Italy

La Seggianese Società Cooperativa Agricola” was born in Seggiano, a small village lying on the slopes of Mount Amiata, with the desire to create a “heart” of the olive oil supply chain. Immersed in postcard-perfect Tuscany, the Cooperative aspires to become a true aggregation center for all participants in the supply chain, from the harvesting of the olives to the bottling of the finished product. The goal is to bring back to the town the ancient breath of those who in the past worked and lived also thanks to the centuries-old olive trees which constitute an integral part of their landscape, of uncommon beauty.

The founding members of La Seggianese are proud to finally see their dream come true, which with passion turns into reality, enclosed in a simple bottle.

Special thanks to Officina38.